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A Small 'Piece' from "American Pie 3"

Dark Horizons heard from a scooper who has the lowdown one a scene from "American Pie 3". Nick Searcy came to speak to a University class about acting and ‘accidentally’ let slip about a role he went for on the sequel. It sounds very funny.

"Today a guest actor came to speak to us a our Uni class at Screen Gems..his name was Nick Searcy. He was just coming off working on the new Bernie Mac/Chris Rock movie – "Head of State", about Chris Rock becoming president of the USA and he is about to start work on the ‘mega production’ (as he calls it) , which is "The Runaway Jury". Okay, he had a cool story to tell about "American Pie 3", and by all counts, thats the title they are still using. He was sent the script and was given a scene that involved this:
‘The boys (refering to Stifller, Jim, finch and kevin) walk into a gay bar and come up to a guy called ‘bear’, the character Searcy was offered. He said it called for the boys to take a look at Bears very hairy chest…and to ask why he dosn’t just shave it..and he says he dosn’t have to because (then he turns around to flash them), as his arse is in such good shape… and it called for him to wear those type of trousers with the holes for the buttocks to show through…

So Searcy says he does the screen test and they send it to the stuido and it comes back that he is playing the scene too much and it’s offending to gay people.. well, he says’ I can’t play gay any differently, when my arse is sticking out of my pants’..it was funny..everyone in the class were chocking on laughter.. so i presume the scene is still in the movie.. and I think this ties into the whole wedding concept.. I guess it’s one of their bucks night… and they must walk into the wrong bar."

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