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Friedkin talks "French Connection III"

Veteran director William Friedkin tells Moviehole that there’s a good chance you’ll see a "French Connection 3".“Fox has asked me to do another French Connection. This time, Sammy Graso who was one of the original French connection cops, he’s now a producer, he’s the guy that Scheider played in The French Connection, and he wants to do it. We’re great friends and we’ve kept in touch in all these years and we’ll see”. Friedkin says it’s too early to say who’ll play Popeye Doyle. “I haven’t committed to doing anything. I’ve been approached, I’m not uninterested, and I’ll have to see what it is they want to do here. There’s a lot of room there but I’m sort of reluctant to go back to what is known in some parts of this world as an ‘iconic’ film. If I revisit it I’ve got to find a completely different take”.

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