The real deal about the future "Conan 3"


Moviehole heard from Fredrik Malmberg of "Conan Properties" today who wanted to express what the companies plans are now that the film won’t be in the hands of Schwarzenegger and company. "As managers of the Conan property, we are keeping our ears to the ground and we do listen to the fans. I must tell you it´s fascinating to be a bystander and see these rumours fester. Let me put an end to some."

"We always and regularly receive pitches about how and when Conan should be made. Some people tell us Conan should be kinder. Some say less expensive. A lot think quicker. There are always advises left and right. This is because Conan is at the top of many people´s minds and Conan is a great franchise."

"I can definitely tell you the next Conan movie will NOT be cheaper. It will have the best production value, the best studio and the best director. There are no exceptions. As far as we are concerned, Warner´s is not out and we are in discussions with them about the project."

"I will say that we believe the wait for new entertainment has been long and we need to see some action on the screen. And, as a comment, Conan is the real Barbarian. Scorpion King was not."

"We will shortly have our new website up to get closer to the fan community. Meanwhile, thanks for your continued interest in Conan!"