Script and Spoilers for Gentlemen film


‘Stax’ from Film Force just gave us the heads up on a "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" story they’ve got up over there. Apparently there are several pages of the script online with spoilers galore.

The report says :

"December 02, 2002 – An eagle-eyed reader pointed out
to IGN FilmForce that Showfax has posted three pages
from the June 19, 2002 draft of The League of
Extraordinary Gentlemen. The L.A.-based members-only
site posts both "sides" (scenes meant for actors to
use at auditions) as well as actual script pages. They
have script pages posted for a slew of upcoming
feature film and TV projects. The LXG script pages
posted at Showfax as of November 14, 2002 are being
used to audition actors for the role of "Campion
Bond," the portly British secret service agent who, in
the original comic book series, is the man who
recruits the titular team of super-heroes to protect
the British empire.

This particular scene (pages 117-119) not only reveals
the film’s final moments but a MAJOR SPOILER about the
fate of one of the main characters as well. The coda
introduces Campion Bond as "an elegant gentleman" who
greets the League after their climatic battle with the
villainous "Fantom." (It should also be noted that
this scene closely mirrors the ending of the original
comic book series and hints at what the sequel might
be about.)

Campion Bond’s down-sizing to little more than a
glorified cameo is in league (pun intended) with what
IGN FilmForce has previously reported. We were
recently told that Bond’s role had been dramatically
reduced from what it was in both the original comic
books and earlier drafts of the screenplay.

Fox Movies revealed that rather than having Campion
Bond round up the team in the film, Richard Roxburgh
will serve as "the League’s enigmatic recruiter, M."
Those who have read the first comic book series know
that "M" turns out to be none other than … well, if
you’ve read the series then I don’t need to say whom,
do I? Thus, since Roxburgh is playing "M" (and comic
book fans know who "M" really is) then a larger role
in this film for a shady character like Campion Bond
didn’t appear necessary. IGN FilmForce checked with
its Extraordinary source who advised us that while
Bond’s role will be minor in this film, he’ll be
integral to the sequel.

While the role of Campion Bond is currently uncast,
our source advised us that a name that was once
bandied about for the part has now resurfaced. Robbie
Coltrane (Hagrid from the Harry Potter series, From
Hell) is once again under consideration to portray
Campion Bond but nothing has happened yet. In other
words, Coltrane is being sought after but he might opt
not to do it. Comics fans will attest that Coltrane is
a far more appropriate-looking choice to play the
rotund Bond than was the previously rumored Jason

LXG continues filming in Prague (sans Sean Connery,
who wrapped up his role earlier this month). Speaking
of Connery, IGN FilmForce’s source also advised us
that a snapshot of Connery posted at Coming
Attractions is "100% not from LXG." Indeed, it looks
like it’s from Entrapment.

Fans can expect to see an Extraordinary teaser trailer
running before Star Trek: Nemesis when it debuts
December 13. LXG opens July 11, 2003."