Robert Englund has more on "Freddy Vs Jason"


The Arrow sat down with "Freddy vs Jason" star Robert Englund to get some dirt on the super teaming. "It’s like some gorgeous, twisted, violent Dutch comic book you know– Asian, Cyber Japanese Cyber Punk, illustrated comic book with Scorsese camera angles, Orson Wells camera angles and film noir style…it’s REALLY interesting! There’s also lots of different colors plays, kind of like Paul Schrader’s style. It’s just really a great classy, violent popcorn movie. I’ve been calling it a gourmet popcorn that’s spelled…G-O-R-E.", says Englund.

– Englund also dropped a hint about "Freddy meeting baby Jason" in the film, and when prodded about how many "old school" fans are afraid that the new film is basically gonna sell out to the new generation, Englund replied: "Freddy is less funny (here)…and there’s more violence and more twisted shit in this film than in the last 4 Freddy movies."

– We also get lots more background on the film’s development, how Guillermo del Toro was once involved and Englund’s take on why Kane Hodder might’ve gotten the boot as Jason in this go-around.

– He also offered more details on the plotline including the drug Hypnocil, a wicked rave party set in a cornfield ("..little rave nerd boys with day glow clothes being piped and speared by Jason and flung across rows and rows of corn glowing like meteors or comets through the night.") and how Jason becomes Freddy’s "Frankenstein monster".