Isla Fisher on "Scooby Doo 2"


We caught up with Isla Fisher ("Scooby Doo") at the A.F.I Awards this past weekend and she had some shattering news for fans of the Scooby flicks. She’s not coming back to do another one – nope Shaggy’s without his Mary-Jane come the sequel. Asked whether she was coming back, she laughed, answering "Ah………..No". Instead Isla’s busy working back in Australia on a film called "The Wanabes", directed by and co-starring Nick Gianoupoulis. Gianoupoulis, also in attendance, said he was pleased "Isla agreed to do this film, because she can essentially pick and choose her movies now, especially with Scooby doing great business". "She’s great in this movie, I think she’s going to really surprise everyone".