"Batman Vs Superman" update – Eminem and Alan Horn team?


Seems "Batman Vs Superman" is indeed on again. According to NW Magazine, Eminem is the frontrunner now for the role of the veteran Caped Crusader in the flick. The Hollywood Reporter also spoke to Alan Horn, the president and chief operating officer of Warner Bros, who said the film will indeed be happening but after the solo "Bats" and "Supes" projects.

We had a competing script [to Superman], "Batman vs. Superman." It’s very, very good, written by Akiva Goldsman, and we will do it. But I prefer we start with "Superman," the early years, and complement that with a Batman origins movie. And I’d like to think that each character will evolve so that when we have "Batman vs. Superman," the meeting of the two will feel more organic.

Horn also talked to the trade about the "Superman" scripts.

"I think it’s very interesting. I don’t think it’s annoying. I find it annoying if an embryonic draft of a screenplay gets printed on the Web that only reflects the beginning part of a process. Dealing with the response to that, a lot of the letters and e-mails, is frustrating because I know that’s not the movie we’re making. In many cases, the very things that the letter writers were objecting to or concerned about were the very same things that we’re concerned about. We don’t think Lex Luthor should be an alien, either. And my answer is — and it’s all over the Web — we agree with you. He won’t be. But I have to shake my head in wonderment that the fan base for these properties is so very large that people take the time to send a six-page e-mail on "Superman." That means to me only good things. I can’t imagine that the person who sends the six-page e-mail won’t go to see the movie."

"We’re planning to do the J.J. Abrams screenplay for "Superman," which is an origins story. We feel it’s fresh even though it covers ground that was originally covered by the Dick Donner movie — that was 20-some-odd years ago. We feel that this is fresh, hip, contemporary, moving, funny and loaded with action. Brett Ratner is extremely well-qualified to handle the movie — not only did he handle the lightness and fun of "Rush Hour" but also the drama and tension of "Red Dragon." He comes to "Superman" with this very strong filmography."