Expect cameos in "Indiana Jones 4"


Steven Spielberg told Chicago Sun-Times columnist Cindy Pearlman to expect cameo appearances by Indiana Jones’ old girlfriends in the upcoming fourth installment in the Indy franchise. "I’d like to get Karen Allen back for one sound bite, and there are other Indy girls who had smaller roles who will come back," Spielberg told the columnist. As for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’s Kate Capshaw, who also happens to be Mrs. Spielberg? "Maybe or maybe not," Spielberg said. "Frank Darabont, who is writing the script, called me and said, ‘I’m not sure we can work her into the script, too.’" But, Spielberg added, "Sean Connery as Indy’s pop will be back for a few scenes, and it’s set in the early ’50s. That’s all I’m saying, and I’ve already said too much."