Damon and Kinnear "Stuck On" Farrelly's film


Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are in talks with Peter and Bobby Farrelly to star in their next comedy "Stuck on You". The 20th Century Fox comedy is about the adventures of conjoined twins which has long been on the back-burner for a while.Filming will begin in February and Fox is eyeing a late fall release. The Farrellys had been expected to next direct The Three Stooges at Warner Bros., but they will instead direct that film in early 2004. "Stuck" is a script the brothers wrote 10 years ago, based on a story they hatched with their Dumb and Dumber co-writer Bennett Yellin and Charlie Wessler. It is the story about what happens when one conjoined twin decides to follow his dreams of making it in Hollywood, and persuades his sibling to go along for the ride.
This film, and "Stooges," are expected to be rated PG-13.