Poster and Lowdown on Cut Deeper


Seems that sequel to "Cut" did go ahead, with Beyond Films recently adding a listing for "Cut Deeper". They’ve a poster up for the movie here and a synopsis that says "A group of young employees of Cutting Edge Industries, a medical research company, decide to break into their huge computer controlled office building for an illicit Christmas party. Inside is the company’s newest and biggest project, the prototype for a new robot surgeon. What the kids have no way of knowing is that a new computer virus called Scarman has been downloaded into the computer that runs the building and they soon find that they are trapped inside. Then the robot surgeon comes to life under the control of Scarman. The kids find themselves fighting for their lives as the robot hunts them down, mercislessly performing it’s "operations’ on them, reprogrammed to kill – not cure." UPDATE : Beyond Films have contacted us and say they no longer have plans for the film.