Clooney has an R Rated Butt!


Only in America, they say. The MPAA, that most conservative and ludicrous of organisations that determines the ratings of new films, has determined that Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, the eagerly anticipated Solaris, is receiving an R-rating.

The remake of the Russian classic stars George Clooney as a psychologist who starts seeing visions of his dead wife while
on a scientific mission to an ocean world called Solaris. Part science fiction allegory, part romantic drama, the MPAA’s decision has to do with the showing of Clooney’s naked bum in the film. Suffice it to say,distributor Twentieth Century Fox is appealing the decision, and according to various spokespeople, it’s unlikely that any trims and tucks will be made to either Clooney’s bum or the film. Imagine if the naked actor had turned around, would that have meant an NC-17? The biggest cut of all would have occurred. Nobody from the film is officially talking, though Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfeld, conceded that the whole issue "was plainly
idiotic". Of course, had George’s bum exploded on screen with blood emitting in all directions, one suspects that the MPAA would have given the film a G. Thanks ‘Paul’