Britney Spears is a young "Sherlock Holmes"?


The Sun via Dark Horizons reports that Britney Spears next movie role will be as a disgraced Sherlock Holmes in the film "221bCause". In the film, Britney is a New Yorker working at a travel agency situated at 221B Baker St – Holmes’ famous address. Whilst there "she notices letters arriving for Sherlock Holmes. She starts to answer them as the detective and it leads her back to New York trying to trace the President’s son". Producers apparently are working around Britney’s other commitments but want the film ready by 2004 to tie-in with the U.S Presidential Elections. Britney, believe it or not, was second choice for the movie. They originally wanted Jennifer Love Hewitt – but her bosses were’nt happy about the drug element of the movie.