Bianca Kajlich talks "Halloween 9"


"Halloween: Resurrection" actress Bianca Kajlich was on MTV’s New Years Special and announced that she’ll be back for a "Halloween 9". According to the Diabolical Dominion website, Kajlich said "I’m doing the next Halloween movie which is still in the early planning stages. The script was written by Allan B. McElroy who wrote the fourth one, so that should make a lot of fans happy. Considering I view Halloween 4 as not only the best sequel but probably one of the coolest slasher flicks ever, I, for one, am very happy. I really can’t say much, but this one goes back to the idea of Michael Myers stalking babysitters in his home town and how the people of haddonfield decide to fight back. But you’ll have to wait for the rest because I’ve already said too much. And the script always changes!".