Some new "Batman 5" Rumours


Both Superhero Hype and Aint it Cool were contacted by scoopers about the next "Batman" movie. Any truth to these new bytes about the Caped Crusader?

The first :

I heard from a friend at warner bros studios, ****** dept, that a unknown film writer has been payed for a script called "Batman: The Dark Knight." No word about the concept or contents of the script but I think the title gives it away. The only thing I know about the writer is his initals are SRW.

The second :

I managed to get my grubby little paws on a draft of what I assume may be the next Batman movie. My big bro works for a division of WB and handed me a photocopy of what is currently titled Batman: The Frightening and the credited writers are Rafael Yglesias and Terry Hayes. Neither name struck a bell so I wasn’t sure if I’d be enduring another Batman and Robin or something special. Well, I’ll be honest, this draft is something special. The date on the draft is from December 23rd of 2002 and was marked as a First Draft so I’m not sure what will be changed, but with a little work I think this could be a great turn around for the franchise.