Supes first to be called "Superman : The Flight"?


Coming Soon heard from a couple of scoopers who had news on the upcoming "Superman". One says, "The next sets that Warner Brothers is building are for Superman. It will not be a Superman vs. Batman movie. They are going to give each movie a name like with the Batman series. The current name for this first one is Superman: The Flight. They have yet to cast the title character yet though, and are planning to go with an unknown actor again."

The second scooper writes, "A friend of mine works at the BBC and recntly was present at a Brett Ratner interview where he said that although an actor was being sought for the role of Clark Kent/ Superman, all the flying scenes would be done using a digital stunt double who would be filmed in various "super" poses situations and then have a digital "Superman" skin placed over him in the movie. A stuntman-bit player called Jackie Anderson is the guy Ratner named. Don’t know how true/false this is. Ratner could be yanking chains."