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"Childs Play 5" up for grabs at rival studios

‘Kenny’ did some snooping about at Universal Studios to get the lowdown on any future "Child’s Play" films. He was again told that Universal would never be doing a ‘Childs Play’ film ever again, but also "(post-production there) told me that she wished ‘seed of chucky’ was going to happen.One, it would never film in orlando……Two the cleaner who say’s he saw a sign for production of seed of chucky was dead wrong. They have an attracion wich deals with that and no chucky promos…."Mr Mancini is trying to have another studio buy the rights for childs play…Universal said there will never be another Child Play…..They believe its a worn out franchise…" At least some good news that final bit..Mancini is shopping around for a distributor to take his "Seed of Chucky"

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