Be a part of "Spy Kids 3"


Want to be a part of "Spy Kids 3"? Now you can. The filmmakers have put out their feelers, searching for a couple of suitables. They need, among roles, a 12-13 year old Female and 14-15 year old boys, who live in the film’s "virtual reality" setting.

"Spy Kids 3" casting now in Los Angeles

YOUNG FEMME FATALE – 12-13 years old female. Please submit Caucasian, Latina and Asian. Dark and spooky (both physically and spiritually); she carries a real air of mystery and intrigue. Young femme lives in the VR game where Juni must go to find Carmen and ultimately save the world. With her superior knowledge, she leads Juni through the stages of the game aiding him to advance to the next level and at the same time hindering him when he least expects it. Think an older version of the girl from "city of lost children". Must have a great face and amazin, unique presence… LEAD

VIRTUAL REALITY GAME BOYS 14-15 years old – these smart, tough boys live in the VR game and tag along with Juni in his endeavor. However, friend or foe is unclear but they’re definitely spy kid material… GREAT SUPPORTING

If you are in Los Angeles send pics and resumes/bios to

VENICE, CA 90291

If you are not close to Los Angeles go on and download sides there for Karmen (if female) and Gary (if male), rehearse them and record them. Then send them to the address above

Thanks to Ain’t-It-Cool-News for the heads up.