Brad Pitt is the "Madman of Alcatraz"


Brad Pitt has signed for a remake of “Birdman of Alcatraz”, made famous with the late Burt Lancaster in the title role. Pitt – also interested in producing the film – is likely to have the lead part of Robert Stroud, Alcatraz’s notorious Birdman. No word yet who’ll play the psychiatrist who treats him.
Ned Zeman, the writer of the new version is going to make a few changes to his version. Zeman did some research and discovered that the true story was not of a killer reformed through his love of birds but of a dangerous sociopath who used his pets as a ruse to gain sympathy and trust. The central theme of the psychiatrist and criminal spending two years on an island together will remain the same. Called “Madman of Alcatraz” this time round, the story should be before the cameras before the year is out.