The ending of "X Men 2" changed?


Lights Out Entertainment are reporting that there is talk about possibly changing the ending to the X2 movie by the end of February so that it can stay on schedule for its May 2nd release.

Their scooper writes, "The talk is about possibly having the ending include a scene where new recruits to Xavier’s school are introduced including Gambit. He says the decision is close to being made because of how much X-Men fans wanted him on the sequel and they were told he would not be on it. But now it seems there is hope! Although it most likely will only be a small scene that will introduce the new recruits at the end, I can’t think of a better way to end the movie then to introduce the "2nd most popular X-Men" according to Marvel. (Wolverine being the 1st). Just heard about it yesterday when my "source" got back into town for a few days and my 1st reaction was to e-mail you guys. Keep doing what you do best. Peace out."