Wesley Crusher to join "I Robot"?


Wil Wheaton says – via his Official Site – that he’s up for a role in Alex Proyas’s "I Robot". Although details are sketchy, he mentions his role would be an Android. He has to get it though first – Wheaton also recently auditioned for a role in Robert Zemeckis’s "The Polar Express".

"I think I did well, and I really had a good time," writes Wheaton. "The scene I read felt very familiar to me. I think the writer took it from one of Asimov’s robot books, but I couldn’t tell you which one. The scene had a robot being questioned by a detective, who accused the robot of placing his owner in danger, then allowing his owner to die. Sound familiar to anyone? "I prepared the audition perfectly: I knew my lines, so I didn’t need to refer to the sides (that’s what they call the part of the script they give us to read) at all, and I was able to make some bold character choices. I didn’t feel nervous, anxious, or uncertain at all when I went in. I felt excited! I couldn’t wait to play this robot.

"After one reading, the casting director, who also knew his lines and had clear character choices — an extreme rarity in Hollywood — gave me some direction, and we did it again. The difference I felt between the two performances was striking, and gave me a jolt of excited euphoria when I left."