Has "Superman" been laid to rest?


According to a report on Dark Horizons, Brett Ratner’s "Superman" movie is off. "As of today, the Superman project is shutting down.", begins the scooper, claiming to work at the Production office that was overseeing the film.

"The desks are emptying, the archives filling, and Superman is limping away to fight another day. Budget projections were in excess of $280 Million american dollars, and needless to say, trimming a budget down to a respectable $160 million simply can’t be done without a complete retooling (i.e. a 260 million turd of a script will always be a 260 million turd of a script). The project isn’t dead…but will shift back into development, with a new team, from the UPMs on down. In any case, Summer 2004 seems an impossibility. But hell, I don’t put anything past the studio that gave us "Kangaroo Jack" It’s a shame really, as it was only a matter of time until Chris Tucker’s name was thrown into the mix for the lead…".

Let’s hope this isn’t so!