Producer reveals "American Wedding" details


Coming Soon talked to Producer Craig Perry about the third "American Pie" flick called, "American Wedding". "It’s really early on but it’s been so much fun to see all the actors get back together and sort of interact," Perry said. "It’s like a reunion every time we do it. They’re just so great. And they’re so aware of the characters. So, as soon as the camera starts rolling it’s right back where the charm needs to be. It’s been fun to watch."

Perry talked a little about the fact that all the cast members aren’t back. "All I can say is it was literally a creative decision. Because we are now sort of flash forwarding a little bit from the time from the last movie, and how many of us are really tight, great friends with the girlfriend you had senior year in high school or boyfriend or vice-versa? There’s a natural evolution that everybody goes through and to make it so that sort of coterie of people are the same people, again, makes it dramatically dead and it’s not believable. No one would believe that. And I think that in many ways part II struggled and sweated mightily as it was going to try and justify a lot of the sort of machinations of the relationships. So we just decided to sort of be cognizant of that and allow the thing to evolve as what we felt would be the right thing to do."

And will the film feature the same bold humour as the other two films? "Oh, daddy. Oh, yes."