Three sign for "Grease 3"…wait, it's still on?!


According to The Herald Sun – and despite the group The Bee Gee’s lack of involvement – "Grease 3" is still happening, and as of today, 3 have signed up to appear in it. Travolta, Newton-John and Kylie Minogue have apparently just signed on the dotted line. And that’s despite earlier reports that Minogue’s rumoured casting was untrue.

Newton-John wanted her daughter Chloe, 16, to appear with her in the movie, in which her character Sandy and Travolta’s character Danny return to Rydell High for a 20-year reunion.

But studio chiefs have signed Minogue, 34, to play the teenager instead.

"Kylie definitely doesn’t look anything like her age and shouldn’t have any problem playing a teenager," an insider told the paper.

"Anyway, it’s worked before because Olivia was 30 herself when she played Sandy in 1978." Grease was a worldwide hit.

"I had tea with John the other day and he is really interested," Newton-John was quoted as saying.

"Grease 2 didn’t work because they didn’t use us."

Stockard Channing has agreed to cameo as Rizzo.