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Christopher Reeve talks "Superman" remake

While promoting his upcoming guest role on TV’s "Smallville", Christopher Reeve – the original "Superman" – chatted about the upcoming big screen remake, saying producer Jon Peters had called him up a few months before.

"He told me that his original idea was to do a film of Superman Vs Batman, to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen. They were pretty far into it, and then Jon saw the documentary that my son made about me and how five years after the injury I started to move." Peters was so moved that he began to rethink the idea. "Why should [they] have two superheroes fighting? The movie that Warner Brothers is making now will be a much more uplifting and spiritual story. "

Reeves did not name someone he thought should be the next man of steel, but did express at least one preference.

"The character is more important than the actor who plays him because of the mythology. I’m sure that they’ll take their time and find the right man. But it should be an unknown."

The "Smallville" episode airs Feb 25.

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