More about Britney's "Die Hard 4" gig


The site has more details on the pop singers apparent connection to "Die Hard 4". Their scooper says, "Die Hard 4 will be based in the Caribbean. John McClane accidentally meets up with his daughter who’s a cabaret dancer, whom he has had very little contact in the past ten years."

McClane will use one gun in the movie, a German Luger which is found in a World War 2 plane wreck underwater. The script says he will only fire it twice, one of them to save his daughter from the villain in the movie. Lots and lots of fist fights will be present, including ones made by Lucy McClane.

They are in talks with Demi Moore about playing the villain, although a villain of Japanese origin has been said to be preferred. The villain is described as athletic, spiteful, unpredictable and beautiful.

The plot includes an all-action rescue of Britney who plays Willis’ daughter, when she is kidnapped by a gang.

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