Yuzna in talks for "Faust II"


According to Comics2Film, "Faust" director Brian Yuzna is in talks to do a sequel to the direct-to-video flick, this time with a female protagonist into the claws and cape.

Faust creator David Quinn confirmed the news. "Brian Yuzna, [co-creator] Tim Vigil, and I are indeed interested in passing the legendary talons to a young woman," Quinn told C2F. However, the new movie character will not be Joanna Tan from the comics. Quinn plans on creating a new vixen for the Faust mythos.

"Creating a new story, designed for a Filmax-type production, has been less frustrating than trying to adapt a dense comic epic into a short feature," Quinn said. "For anyone who saw 2000’s Faust: Love of the Damned and thought it ambitious for its modest budget, this new story is designed to scale. And, happily, it’s the same old cross-genre ‘hell, gore and twisted sexuality,’ as Mr. Yuzna would say."

Quinn and Vigil have hashed out the details for the new story and Quinn is busy penning the script. However, Quinn cautions that Faust II is a long way from a "go" project.

The fact that both Yuzna’s Fantastic Factory and Filmax (the studio behind the first one) have busy production slates hasn’t helped move the project forward. Both parties are interested but need to find time in the schedule to make it happen.

Faust is based on David Quinn and Tim Vigil’s edgy comic book of the same name. The script for the first movie was penned by Quinn and released in the U.S. by Lion’s Gate Films in 2000.