"Wonder Woman" gets some direction


Aint it Cool says the hunt is on to find someone to direct "Wonder Woman". The site also had a brief rundown on the direction the film will be taking. "At the start, there’s this big action scene with Wonder Woman, and her name is Diana…Only she’s not the Wonder Woman this film is about because about ten pages in, she dies. And her suit sort of crawls out of the wreck where she died and heads for the nearest city. It finds this girl who’s just some normal girl named Donna… [That’s Donna Troy] Well, she starts to get these powers, right? She starts changing and doing stuff like smashing doors and flying and… dude, it’s SPIDER-MAN with boobs for 20 pages or so. It’s just silly. Turns out she’s an orphan, but she’s not really an orphan, and her mom is Wonder Woman, but she’s not really dead. She’s in a coma, and when she wakes up, it’s just long enough to tell Donna she’s an Amazon, too, and then she dies again, and Donna has to become Wonder Woman."