Tinkerbell must be out of Fairy Dust?


The Daily Telegraph reports there has been a hiccup on the set of P.J Hogan’s "Peter Pan". Lead actor, Jeremy Sumpter, who plays Pan, has broken his foot and Hogan’s doing his best to shoot scenes not involving Sumpter (above) and using blue screen technology, but only so much can be done. "The shooting schedule for the $200 million movie has been thrown into disarray", says the paper. With Sumpter expected to be laid-up for several more weeks, work could stop altogether.It’s not the first scrape the youngster has had since he arrived in Australia about six months ago to start shooting.A month ago Sumpter apparently donged his head on an overhead fan as he swung off his bunk bed. The new version of "Peter Pan" co-stars Jason Isaacs as Capt.Hook, Ludivine Sagnier, Olivia Williams, and Rachel Hurd Wood. It’s due for release this Christmas.