Johnson has a couple of ideas for "Daredevil 2"


News Askew reports that Mark Steven Johnson, the director of "Daredevil", already has a couple of ideas for a sequel, which he recently shared with the magazine "Total Film". "Born again (which sees DD rematched with Kingpin) would be an obvious choice. The other idea is to do Guardian Devil (Kevin "Clerks" Smith’s run for Marvel, in which DD has his faith tested. Smith also cameos in Daredevil). I’d let Kevin write the screenplay, which I think would be a blast." "I’ve talked to Kevin Smith about him writing the next script" adds Johnson. (Total Film then jokes it’d probably make a very static film, in which people just slack, discussing Daredevil.) "Hey, I’m gonna direct it man!" cries Johnson. Thanks to Superhero Hype