Next Batman simply a sequel


Some details have surfaced over at Batman-On-Film about what Chris Nolan has in store for the "Batman" film he’s attached to – and seems it’s simply going to be another sequel. A scooper for the site says, "Chris Nolan is writing his own sequel to the franchise. I have no details except the villains he had to choose from were Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Clay Face, and Killer Croc. Also, he very much wants to bring it back on terms with the comics, so we may see Barbara Gordon in this one. As for ‘The Frightening,’ Nolan LIKED it, but wanted to do a different script, [but something similar]. So Bruce or Dick or someone may end up in Arkham". So far there has been no mention of a cast for the film, though Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Guy Pearce and Michael Keaton have been mooted.