Owen Wilson's idea for "Shanghai Dawn"


Owen Wilson talked with E Online about a potential story for the next "Shanghai Noon" sequel. "We’re talking about it maybe starting in Hollywood and then going from there to Africa or the Pyramids. At the end, they say, ‘What’s this I hear about moving pictures?’. When you see the old Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy and Three Stooges movies–they all were sequels. Even though the characters are the same, they don’t feed you the same jokes. I think that’s one of the mistakes sequels do; they redress the whole movie in the same location and do the same movie again. I feel like we have the freedom to take them anywhere in time we want. I’d throw them in WWI and have Owen pop a champagne bottle and kill Ferdinand and start WWI–to me, that’s funny. These two guys bitching at each other in a foxhole!?".