Slater headlines "Old Soldiers" for Sekula


Christian Slater, Burt Reynolds and James Woods are in pre-production on a film called "Old Soldiers", to be directed by Andrzej Sekula. Timothy Dalton is also in talks for the film, set to play Slater’s partner, who – with his sidekick- go head to head with a pshotic assassin. It’s believed Gary Oldman was originally approached for the role. According to an insider, Slater plays an accountant who goes on holiday to Peurto Rico and gets mixed up in a private war between a bunch of ex mercenaries. It’s believed that James Woods has been roped in for only a small role, at the request of the director, who he is good friends with. Director Sekula is perhaps best known for his role as cinematographer on smash hit "Pulp Fiction" (1994). He recently directed the film, "Hypercube : Cube 2". Filming on "Old Soldiers" is set to commence in March. Nice to see the return of the ensemble actioner.