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"Backwater" Video Game turns film

Variety reports that Dimension Films has optioned film rights to "Backwater", a proposed survival-horror video game from creators Flint Dille and John Zuur Platten. Dille and Platten retain video game development rights, which they will continue to shop to game publishers, and will be credited as producers on both the game and any movies. Should Dimension move ahead with making a movie, it would share a portion of revenues from the games and such other outlets as comic books. In the proposed game, a player is would-be victim on the run from a killer named Mr. Jangle, who lives deep in a swamp. The concept, Dille said, was ready-made to become a horror film as well as a game. Dimension made the deal based on the game-design document, which includes a scenario and characters as well as more technical, game-oriented material, but no script.

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