Harris swaps 'Darkness" for Corn and Comics?


According to a report on his Official Message Board "Darkness Falls" scribe Joseph Harris hasn’t been asked to get involved with the film sequel. Says Harris, "I know it’s been discussed, but nobody’s asked me yet". Instead, Harris is rumoured to be involved with a new "Children of the Corn" movie, as well as eyeing off a possible film adaptation of DC Comics series, "Sugar and Spike".

Says Harris, "I suggested Sugar and Spike myself… ahem…
I’ve actually compiled a list of non-A-listers who could realistically (in my opinion) get made because of one really good reason or another. Most people (not you) would be shocked at how nowhere some of these things that get optioned, or already exist in development, are going.

"Just because they wear spandex, guys, and stem from a comic book, don’t assume the Spider-Man factor is evident and you’ve got a potential movie hit on your hands!

"That being said, I’ll keep the forum posted on how things go. I am talking to a Warner Brothers company about potentially doing something over there.

"And though I wish it was, it most certainly isn’t a Batman movie. Though mine would rock.