Stallone's plans for "Rocky", "Rambo" and "Poe"?


Aint it Cool News visited the set of "Spy Kids 3D : Game Over" and Harry Knowles got to ask Sylvester Stallone some questions about "Rocky 6". Says the report, "It seems that Stallone has taken inspiration from George Foreman with ROCKY 6. George after getting whupped by Spinks just sort of walked away from boxing and gained weight, took up charity work, but then one day discovered that the money had run out for the charity and himself, and nobody would give him a loan, his friends told him that the ships had sailed."

Continues the report, "And he just didn’t have anything anymore. He was an overweight, out of shape, middle aged man of questionable diminished fame. George decided to go back to boxing, mainly small club fights, tiny venues, people calling him a joke, but he was winning, and around that 16th fight, people started to take notice, things began to turn around. Well Stallone wants to basically tell that story, the has-been giving it a run story, but he also has in ROCKY 6 a character that he’s heading towards fighting, a new champ, which represents the modern black athlete which is very different from the Apollo Creeds or Alis of yesteryear. That new generation of Athlete with their posses and hanger ons. And what he wants is a DMX or a LL COOL J type to have in there, that has his own reasons for fighting, his own motivations. Not just some icon of evil that he has to defeat, but someone with their own demons and their own reasons to step into that ring."

The site also learnt that the Schwarzenegger/Stallone pairing is nowhere in sight, and "Rambo 4" is in development hell.
Says the site, "Miramax has it and wants to co-make the film with Carolco, but Carolco doesn’t want Miramax’s involvement and Bob and Harvey don’t want to just let go of the property. So all this stuff about Luc Besson, Renny Harlin and yadda yadda yadda, is yadda yadda yadda."

Stallone also told the site that he’s written a script for Robert Downey Jr regarding Edgar Allan Poe that he’s trying to get set up.

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