Feldman talks "Goonies 2"


Corey Feldman was on E! Star Boards and gave the lowdown what’s happening with "The Goonies 2". Says Feldman, "Here’s the deal: We’ve talked about it. We’ve had discussions about it so many times through the years. One time, Richard Donner called and said, "We’re going back to work." With such a diverse group of talented people, you want to make sure [everyone can come back together]. You don’t want to make a crap sequel, or you’d rather not do it all."

Feldman also touched upon his next movie. "I recently did Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. It’s a comedy, a very charming romantic comedy. It’s a morality story about a former child actor who grows up to be kind of a loser. He never really got through the final hoop–people really beat him up. There are cameos by tons of former child stars", he says.

And what about another Coreys movie? (with Haim). "I think the fans would definitely dig it, but the timing has to be right, personally and professionally. At some point, though, I’d love to do something magical with Corey again."