Hellraiser, Time Cop and Tremors Updates


Video Premiere Awards has updates on some direct to video offerings today. "Hellraiser : Hellworld", from Director Rick Bota, is in post-production (geez how many Pinhead chapters are there now?), "Time Cop 2" has been retitled "Time Cop : Berlin Decision" and Universal announces a "Tremors 4".

Filmed back to back with "Hellraiser : Hellseeker", "Hellraiser : Hellworld", is directed by Bota, and will be released shortly.

"Time Cop : Berlin Decision" is a sequel to 1994 film, the first of potentially three stories set 15 years after the original in 2025, when someone at the Society for Historical Accuracy decides they are going to alter history to benefit mankind by changing the lineage of the cops from the Time Enforcement Commission.

"Tremors 4", from Universal, has garnered the interest of Michael Gross again, who’ll be reprising his role as worm battling Bert Gummer. Production started mid last month, a release date is unspecified.

The site also reports that Ron Schmidt will serve producing duties on both "The Prophecy 4" and "The Prophecy 5". As Moviehole exclusively reported last week, these films will be filmed in Romania mid-March and star Kari Wuhrer and Sean Pertwee.