Benicio Del Toro for Superman Bio


IGN FilmForce reports that Benicio Del Toro is the frontrunner to star opposite Hugh Jackman in the George Reeves biopic "Truth, Justice and the American Way". The site reports that Scott McGehee & David Siegel are tipped to direct the movie which centres on original "Superman" series star Reeves (played by Jackman). According to the site, Del Toro is being sought for the role of "Lamar Moglio," a part that Joaquin Phoenix had once been attached to play. Moglio is the private eye hired by George Reeves’ mother to investigate her son’s curious death. He initially believes the official finding that Reeves, despondent over his failed post-Superman career, committed suicide. Circumstantial evidence and Reeves’ womanizing makes Moglio suspect that he was murdered.