O'Connell responds to "Superman" rumours


While Zap2it says he isn’t doing Superman, E Online got a different story from Jerry O’Connell himself, who says "Yeah, I’m definitely right in there. There is some stiff competition, but I guarantee you I can do more push-ups than all those other guys".

The site also reports that O’Connell, who has already screen-tested for the Man of Steel, may also have an in with director Brett Ratner. You see, back at NYU, Ratner served as O’Connell’s senior advisor when he was a freshman. At the very least, it makes good copy, and sometimes that matters more than you know.

"There are guys in front of me that have nominations," O’Connell says. "The only thing I’ve been nominated for is best attendance for physical education in junior high. Whether it happens or not, I’m in this business for the long haul. I know for a fact that I look good in blue Spandex. If it doesn’t happen, Space Ghost is always an option."

Finally a worthy rumour!