Interview : Jamie Kennedy


Having just returned from a hosting gig at ShoWest, it was a rather tired and exhauted Jamie Kennedy we talked to this past weekend. But never known to cop out on an interview or be anything less than a bubbly ball of energy he gave CLINT MORRIS a part of his day to talk about his role in the new DVD Release, "Sol Goode".

Jamie Kennedy has been working solidly since playing Randy in the "Scream" trilogy (for which he he won a Blockbuster Award for Best Supporting Actor/Horror) starring in such fare as "Boiler Room", "Three Kings", "Bowfinger" and "Enemy of the State". More recently, he got the nod to host his own Candid-Camera style TV Show, "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment".

Taking a break from the weekly pranks and gags on the WB series, Kennedy appears in the film "Sol Goode" – released on video and DVD on March 11 – which centres on a young uninspired loser and his eventual path to fulfilment.

How was the experience of working on "Sol Goode"?
Oh I loved it. Danny Comden [The Director] was just great. It had good stars and a good story too. I really liked Balt [Balthazar Getty] and I already knew Tori, and it was great to work with her, so it was like a little family.

How did your get the role?
I met Danny. He sat me down, and basically he told me that he really wanted me to do this movie.

Once again, you’re playing a zany character. How was that?
I just tapped into the uptight part of myself. I remembered when I had broken relationships.

So would you rather work on small independent movies like "Sol Goode" or blockbuster fare like "Scream"?
Wherever the good work is actually. I’ve done some classics and I’ve done some real stinkers, and the offers are now starting to get better. I’m getting all the offers that Rob Schneider rejects. I’m next appearing in a movie called "Malibu’s Most Wanted", which is based on the character of Brad Gluckman from my TV Show "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment". It’s about a white rapper from Malibu. It’s very funny, excellent stuff, and it’s out April 18th.

Do you have a favourite scene in the movie?
Probably the sex scene. That was funny.

How did you psyche yourself up for that one?
It wasn’t hard [laughs], I just jumped into bed!

So now that your’e a big star on TV (with the "JKX") were you the big man on the film set?
I actually did this movie before the TV Show, so no. And there were already some big names there already like Carmen [Electra] and Tori [Spelling].

You worked with Tori on "Scream 2", yes?
Yes. She’s great. Lots of fun.

There’s been rumours of a "Scream 4" going around the net. Any truth to that?
Not that I know of. Maybe in 10 years I think we’ll go back and do another one, but not at the moment. I think we’ve buried "Scream" for a while. Oh, but what a great movie to work on – can you believe we actually got pages of our script bit by bit like a week, even a day before filming so no one could leak the plot out.

I heard that. And I heard that in "Scream 2", they had to change the killer because someone did leak it. Wasn’t it going to be Syd’s boyfriend that was the killer?
Quite possibily. Everything was so secretive on those movies. We got new pages as we went along.

So where to now for you?
I’ll do whatever, as long as it’s funny, smart…heck, just funny.

SOL GOODE is released on DVD March 11th

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