The obligatory "Superman" news round-up


And the "Superman" rumours just keep on flowing. Latest bit of goss is that Hayden Christensen, of "Star Wars Episode II" fame, might be in the running to play the man of steel. That’s according to the IMDB anyway. A report on Dark Horizons meanwhile, mentions that Ian Somerhalder ("The Rules of Attraction") has tested for Superman and the producers quite liked him. Finally, the IMDb also reports that Ratner recently got into a blow-out with producer Jon Peters. "Tempers reportedly flared between the two, culminating in Ratner and Peters screaming insults at each other over the slow-pace casting of the picture last Friday," claimed an insider for the site."It was a closed-door meeting, but you could hear them screaming at each other inside the office. At one point, Peters started belittling Ratner. He said, ‘Oh, you think you’re a big man now?’ It got so bad that someone had to separate them."