Interview : Tony Todd


More recently he’s crept out cinemagoers with his role as morgue attendant William Bludworth in "Final Destination 2", but to millions of horror fans around the world he’s simply the ultimate boogeyman, "Candyman" from the film of the same name. CLINT MORRIS talks one on one with the horror genre’s towering thespian of fear about the new film, a "Final Destination 3" and a possible new "Candyman" instalment.

You seem to like Horror movies. Do you chase those type of roles?
As an actor I love working. Period. If the role is good, and the story exciting, that gets my juices going. Having been a fan first and foremost, I know what I would like to see. Then, I count my blessings that I’ve been able to portray so many childhood fantasy characters, i.e., pirates, aliens, monsters, cowboys, astronauts, policemen, bad guys and just plain people.

How did you like "Final Destination 2"?
Final Destination 2 was fine. It’s always great returning to a proven product. I’ve a good rapport with the producer, Craig Perry. And I trusted the director they’d brought aboard, David Ellis, who’d come from a strong action/suspense

What’s Bludworth up to this time in the film?
Bludworth is still trapped/loving life in the morgue, depending on your perspective. This time the audience catches me mid-preparation in the crematory. I always sneak into a theater during initial release to judge the honest reaction of the movie goers, and this one was no exception. Judging from the gasps and the popcorn crunching, they weren’t disappointed. The reactions are always better with the average moviegoer, than advance screenings, or Industry screenings. It reminds of of childhood, and saturday afternoon at the movies, which is what this business should be about.

So in your opinion, which was better, Final Destination 1 or 2?
I’ve no opinion, although I will give a play to James Wong, and Glen Morgan, whom I first met at a pilot test years ago entitled "Black Jack Savage" and again on the "X-Files." I think they rock. Watch for their upcoming work on "Willard."

Did you get along with the cast?
I get along with everyone, honestly. Only insecure people have an ego problem in this business. Let’s face it, when the numbers are crunched and you realize that 95% of SAG are unemployed, it’s a reality check. You’re being paid to enact your dreams and fantasies. Better than being in a rock band. Forilla!

Are you going to be back for a "Final Destination 3"?
I certainly hope so. It would make mucho sense. Perhaps with more than one scene. Although I do like the pressure being off without having to carry a movie and yet still remain prominent. I understand. The producers are knocking around ideas as we communicate.

You’re best known as "Candyman". Do you still get recognized for the role?
Candyman is a blessing and a curse. I’m racing against an hourglass to see if I can improve on that legacy. There are more roles left in my bones; and, hopefully, I’ll get to share some of them. It always amazes me that after ten years, the indomitable impact of Candyman continues. In retrospect, I’d like to have gathered more rewards. Maybe next time.

Is another "Candyman" sequel in the works?
I’m reaching out to Clive Barker for another trip to the well. With the advent of popularity in Horror currently, I think the time is right for the definitive version. I certainly want a crack before a current rapper gets a crack at inheriting the mantle.

What’s next for you moviewise?
Working this week on a project called "Scarecrow: Resurrection". Upcoming are "MonsterMaker", "Minotaur" and several self-produced projects. If there are any other viable film ideas floating around out there, reach me. I’m available.