Unknown Aussie up for "Superman"?


According to a report on Dark Horizons, Australian actor Jeremy Lister (who no one has seemed to have heard of) is up for the role of "Superman". A Scooper for the site says that the rumoured feud between Brett Ratner and Jon Peters is also true.

The site reports :

"My department on the lot has been receiving some weird signals from above. This thing you’ve been hearing between Director Brett Ratner and Producer Jon Peters is true. Ratner was supposed to be a talent magnet, and failed. Peters, who I’ve never met but I hear rumours he has a real rage problem is really up his ass about everything. Ratner’s staying, though D.O.P. Dante Spinotti may not, however that’s not the issue.

Apparently, though, the part has been offered to an unspecified number of "name" actors after the now public Josh Hartnett deal. I don’t know which ones declined it, but now they’ve got a new guy lined up in case the rest of the names decline – Jeremy Lister. I don’t mean to dangle anything, but I honestly only know two things: his name (above) and his nationality (Australian). (Editor’s Note: Never heard of him myself and can’t find a listing – if he’s a newcomer he’s a REAL newcomer).

One more thing. There’s been some budget talk and yeah – they’re getting started in November. The number I’m HEARING is $170, but that’s probably pretty rough. They don’t have a real figure yet, since there’s no star attached"