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Ratner may be leaving "Superman" next week

According to a report on the Superman: Last Son of Krypton site, Brett Ratner could again be off the "Superman" project. According to the site, Ratner is still on a "a pay-or-play deal on Superman… and it expires next week! Now whether they get rid of him or not doesn’t matter, this movie will still get made, WB have too much invested in it to turn back now. I’d be very surprised if they pull the plug. Ratner’s producer may have already left Superman, leaving his role in doubt"

“Ratner’s Producer has been replaced, this movie is so big they really need somebody who can handle the scope”; evidently Ratner’s position on the film is being weakened rather than solidified.

"I’m not going to commit and say Ratner will go but they’ve already tried to ditch him once and it wouldn’t be a shock if it happened again. Ratner only found out about his alleged departure in the first place when he visited Harry Knowles’ AICN! The suits are getting pretty annoyed at his inability to get someone cast for Superman and the fact that he won’t bow to their every word like they thought he would. Make of it what you will. By the way if Ratner goes it won’t be Bay who replaces him, I posted in an update a few weeks ago why he won’t do it, it’s still the case."

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