Mandy Moore sworn in as the "First Daughter"


Say what you will about popstress Mandy Moore, but there’s no denying she’s quite a good actress. The former blonde cum brunette is attached to star in a romantic comedy called "First Daughter", for director Andy Cadiff. In the film the U.S. president’s 18-year-old daughter gives the Secret Service the slip to go on a romantic European road trip unsupervised by the earpiece set. Funnily enough, there’s another film called "First Daughter" in development over at Regency. This one is is the tale of the college-age daughter of the U.S. president who insists on going to college without a retinue of Secret Service agents. The president agrees, but slips a downy-faced agent into the school to watch her. They fall in love — until she figures out his identity. The Hollywood Reporter says Regency’s project is slated to begin production in mid-May. Meanwhile, Alcon will begin production May 17 in London and distributor Warner Bros. plans to release the film in January 2004.