Diesel-powered look into Vin


Vin Diesel talked to Andy Jones at E Online today about the upcoming "Pitch Black" follow-up "The Chronicles of Riddick". "The objective was never to make a sequel to Pitch Black," Diesel says, "but to explore the universe Riddick lives in and to explore whatever his purpose is in this universe. These movies will involve plane travel through different dimensions." And then there’s XXX 2. "It’s inevitable," he growls. "There are two being written. One of them deals with Washington and the Capitol Dome. The other one takes place in the Orient."

Diesel also touched upon the remake of "Guys and Dolls". "I talked to Harvey at a party," Diesel says. "He says, ‘Vin, we love what you do.’ I say, ‘Listen, I’m really excited about the idea of playing Sky Masterson, because I’ve always loved the musical and also because I’m scared s–tless about singing on camera.’ That would be a dream. There’s a list of two dozen films that stand out as films I went to see with my father in Times Square and then critiqued as a seven-year-old. And that’s one of them that stands out as a special family film."