Blockbusters swimming in uncertain waters


According to E Online, there’s some trouble with "The Fantastic Four" movie. "It may be back to the drawing board for the Fantastic Four screenplay. I hear execs at Fox are not in love with the current script, which is making them nervous, since the film’s set to begin filming next year. So far, director Chris Columbus has already flirted with the project". And the grapevine has it that tentpole flicks like "Men in Black 3", "Superman" and "Oceans Twelve" are also swimming in a sea of uncertainty.

According to Variety, Columbia has started development on a Men In Black III, but the production is carefully moving along. Barry Sonnenfeld is returning to develop a sequel idea Will Smith pitched to him with Tommy Lee Jones. Producer Walter Parkes and Sonnenfeld don’t get along, however, and Smith and Jones won’t do the film without Sonnenfeld. The studio’s plan is to let the director run with Smith’s concept while Parkes would take a back seat.

The trade also says that the vast ancillary and DVD potential of Superman has been overshadowed by a $225 million budget and loud fights between director Brett Ratner and producer Jon Peters at Warner Bros. Ratner wants to make three pics. Paul Walker has also exited as one of the frontrunners for the title role. At this point, only Brendan Fraser and Matthew Bomer are in the running.

And WB is also in for a headache trying to lock the Ocean’s Eleven cast for a sequel. The cast will demand more money, and equal money.