S.S Wilson talks "Tremors 4"


Moviehole caught up with Director S.S Wilson today to talk about "Tremors 4", the highly anticipated fourth chapter in the Graboid-Squashing series which the writer/diretcor says we can expect a "whole new look and feel. New surprises with the Graboids. It’s the heretofore untold story of the creatures’ first appearance in Perfection valley,over 100 years ago!".

Wilson says he’s been lucky to get Michael Gross back to reprise his role as Burt Gummer for the film, and also "Sara Botsford, Brent Roam, Ming Lo, Lydia Look, Sam Ly, J.E. Freeman, and August Schellenberg".

Contrary to reports, the new film will have nothing to do with the new TV Series says Wilson. "No, it’s a whole new story with all new characters. The series continues the present day adventures kicked off in Tremors 3. In the TV show we’ll reveal that Perfection Valley is becoming an even more dangerous place to live. We’re adding new characters who’ve come to settle there. Also, Burt Gummer will be sent by the government on missions outside the valley, much to his annoyance."

And why have these films been so popular? "I guess because people love good monster movies with strong characters. We always strive to write characters who are likable and interesting — real people in unreal situations. That’s what gives us the unique Tremors tone — real laughs combined with real scares. And of course we’ve been blessed with casts which have delivered stellar performances. Each of the films has fans who like it best, but Tremors 1 is probably still the leader.

"I came up with the original idea — things under the ground. Then Nancy Roberts, Brent Maddock, Ron Underwood and myself developed it into the first screenplay. Even when we haven’t written the scripts (for Tremors 3 and Tremors 4) we’ve written the stories for all the movies, making sure each is consistent with the rules and the tone. We’ve also written or closely supervised all the scripts for the first thirteen episodes of the series.

And what’s next for Wilson? "The fans have kept this franchise alive.Both Tremors 2 and Tremors 3 were supposed to be the "last" ones. Each time the studio insisted they would not make another. Each time the fans proved them wrong — the films were much more successful than expected. Tremors 3’s huge ratings on SciFi network spawned instant interest in a series and a deal was struck in a matter of days. We’re now on an accelerating roller coaster and we have no idea where it will end!", he says. "Other projects at Stampede include Supernatural Law, based on Batton Lash’s comics. We also have some different science fiction ideas in the works, as well as an action movie."

TREMORS 4 is due for release October 2003