Yen headlines Game turned Film "Onimusha"


According to a report on the Monkey Peaches website, actor Donnie Yen has announced that a feature film version of popular Playstation 2 game "Onimusha" is in the works. Yen says, "The director (attached to the project) is quite well-known. He would be in charge of the detail (of the movie), and I would be the action director and the leading man." The film, which will be released by Disney, will hit cinemas in 2005. Yen is also attached to "Chinese Brothers", a new Joel Silver produced actioner that both Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li are also in talks for. "The story is about four brothers struggling together (in America, most likely). I will use my own name in the movie and I will play the second brother. Shooting may start in July, If nothing goes wrong, and location is unknown".