"Paycheck" set-report, two weeks before filming


‘Mark’ stumbled across filming for John Woo’s new flick "Paycheck". "I was out and about in town today and ran into the Paycheck Crew a few times, first in the 5th and Manitoba/Alberta area and then again in Chinatown. I got to say hi to John Woo who expressed his like of the city and chatted with the production crew. They are in high gear with filming set to start in less then 2 weeks. They traveled with 2 Half-Busses and 2 Vans and were running through the shoot lines and set up of shots for a few chase sequences. I got to listen to quite a bit of the chat at both locations and was surprised at how quiet John Woo was; he just smiled and nodded his head every now and then. I also found out that things are being put into high gear in all regards seeing the release date in now set for Dec 23rd 2003".